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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I finished the last of the postcards I created the other day yesterday morning. I have yet to put them on etsy, perhaps after work today. I am not sure how many more I will do for awhile since I have 2 art quilts commissioned before Thanksgiving. Luckily both ae small but I really want to finish the quilt I have in the hoop too. So, I will have to put my time in my art quilts instead of playing with the postcards and aceo's. I know I will still play some but perhaps not as much. Anyway these are the last 4 completed. ENJOY!
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am starting to work on a couple different series in my art. Mostly because I have lots of fabric that I can make several items out of. An example of this is the 4 I completed today, and if you look back a few days you will see more of these 2 themes. One is quilters, although unless I go get some more of that fabric I will be only able to do a few more. The other is the little chefs, which I have tons of this fabric to make many items with them. I might even make a bigger quilt with the chefs, haven't created one yet, but it could be in the making.
Actually if I look back at what I have made this year I have several different series. I started with Christmas, then went on to Valentines, some birthday greetings, cats were definitely abundant for awhile and can be continued. I guess I don't usually think of my work in a series form, I just find fabric I like and play with it. I have only made a few of my cards again, most of them are one of a kind at the moment. Most I can duplicate, few I can't. Usually I don't feel like duplicating unless I see they are selling. Or it sold and I really liked it.
Anyway, I hope you like the new ones!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Yard Sale Fabric

Last Saturday I was able to go to a couple of yards sales for the first time in several weeks since I usually have to be at work by 8 am. Last week I was scheduled to go into work at 10:00. Anyway, there wasn't much out there that I was interested in, however, I did find a cute kids outfit to cut up for the fabric. The fish postcard is a result of that outfit. Also as a bonus the lining on the outfit is the background fabric I used on the alien spaceship postcard. So for $1.00 I got 2 great fabrics and have lots more of each to make more items. :) Enjoy!
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Sunday, August 12, 2007
6 new postcards

I finally went to the fabric store the other day. Went for timtex and Heat and Bond, they don't carry Wonderunder. It is a small fabric store in a small 2 light town on the Ohio River. Actually, found some fabric I liked too. One was a panel I had looked at before but I usually don't buy commercial fabric to cut up, only for backgrounds or borders for my bigger pieces. This was on sale, 30% off, so hey, what the heck I am sure I will have fun creating with it. I made one postcard with it and can make several more. I might even go back for another panel cause I really like how the ladies have turned out. It is the one with the ladies looking at a quilt. I might make a few of these and have a little series of that theme.

I sold 4 postcards so far at the show I am involved in this month with 5 other artists. Yea!! That always makes me feel good to sell my art. I have replaced the ones I sold with new ones, new designs so hopefully I will sell more. Anyway here is the 6 postcards I have just finished. A couple I will put on etsy, the others went to replace the ones I sold at the show.
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
August Heat

August is finding me hot and sweaty!! It has been in the 90's and muggy for several days now. Today is no better, but I did get some ACEO's done in spite of the heat. I even quilted on my bigger quilt that is in the hoop earlier this morning.

Had my art opening last night, a good crowd!! Earlier in the day I sold a postcard. I have had several people comment on my art, given out a few business cards to people from out of town, etc. It helps that I am waiting on the tables while people are checking out my items while they are eating.

Check out my etsy store to see these 5 new ACEO's and see what I have titled them. Sometimes that is half the fun, coming up with a title as I create.

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