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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tomorrow I hang my quilts for a Folk Art show. I will be joining 5 other artists. It is at the restaurant I work at, every month they have a new show. They provide music and great food for the opening which will be on Monday night Aug. 6.
I was hoping that the 2 quilts I had sent to be machine quilted would be done, but no such luck. Plus, I didn't get the one I have in the hoop completed either, so I have 4 art quilts I will be hanging, all hand quilted. I have 3 foam boards to put some quilted postcard art on. So that should be a nice combination showing my art. Now to decide which postcards to take with me. I made 5 new ones today, woke up in the mood to create and I even finished them. I think that is a first. Usually I just create them and then come back to quilt them another day. The foam boards are black so I might not take the COUNTING SHEEP one, and put that in my etsy store instead.

I don't want to take too many out of my etsy store, but I will take my favorites out. Anyway the photo is what I created today. I will scan the ones I do take and transfer the pictures to a CD I am creating of my postcard/ACEO art. I wish I would have started it earlier since I have sold several before thinking of doing it. I still have photos of them but I think the scanned images are clearer.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Well, I just finished the last 3 I had ready to complete. This is it for a few days as I believe I am out of timtex. Unless I find I have a stash under some fabric, which wouldn't surprise me any. I almost hope I don't cause I really need to work on my bigger quilts, which I know I will put off if I find more timtex. Won't have a chance to buy more until next week.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Got 2 Done

Well I finally made it outside for about a half hour before it started pouring. So came back in to work on finishing what I could before the outside called to me again. I got 2 done, it isn't raining anymore so I am heading back outside to do a bunch of weeding. However, I wanted to show off my work first!
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More Unfinished

This morning I got into creating 3 more postcards and 2 ACEO's. I will finish them later, probably not today though since it is beautiful out and I need to get outside and enjoy it. The card by itself I am sending to my dad, who turns 88 next week. He was a fabulous cartoon artist, unfortunately his mind is pretty much gone now. He spends his days coloring, not any of his own work though.
The others I will finish for my etsy shop. I still need to sew around the edges and quilt them. It might be a day or two before I can get back to doing this. Tomorrow I have to go into town and work, so can't spend the day doing what I want. Oh well, I have enjoyed my days out here in the boonies.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I must be on a roll, for I have finished 2 bookmarks that needed finished now for too many months and I created 2 more today. I even went ahead and finshed them too. Now perhaps I will finish one more small project I have ready to do and get back on tract of my bigger quilts. But that will have to be tomorrow, for I have other things needing my attention. But first I will put these on etsy.
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Well, I finally got back to my sewing. I probably wouldn't have today but while cleaning out the shed I ran across a nest of yellow jackets and since I managed to escape without getting stung I didn't want to push my luck. Last year I got stung over 50 times, so far this year I haven't had a one :)

So I ended up getting all cleaned up and still had half the day to keep myself busy. So decided to tackle my many projects I had started in the sewing room. Didn't get a whole lot done, had to find things and then clean and oil my machine before sewing. Anyway, I did get to the 3 postcards I had created a few months back. I will be putting them in my etsy shop. Hopefully since I did get these done I will keep up with my fiber arts:) Since I returned from Florida a week ago I have quilted on one quilt and appliqued on an another quilt. Not much but it is a start!
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