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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Saturday Jan.27,2007
I got my quilts all up and I think they look just fine where I have them. I didn't get the labels up yet since for some reason my printer didn't want to print yesterday. Today when I turned it on, it just started printing up a storm??? I guess it has a personality all its own and I better give it a name. Today I will put the labels up and one more group of postcards that I have ready. Ran out of time yesterday morning as I had to go to work and then I was asked to do a double while there so I obviously didn't get back there to finish up. That was a good thing because Blanche(the printer) worked today. She's telling me to check the color cartridge which I know needs replaced, better get that done so she has a few days to get adjusted to the feel of a new one before I need to use her again. I want to print out a few flyers about my opening, which right now I don't have a date for it. Have to finish with the putting up everything and then talk to Chris(the owner of the coffee shop) to get some idea when I can have an opening.

Not getting anything done today, but will get back on it tomorrow. Have some birthday postcards I am in the process of working on. I made one and gave it to a friend for her birthday yesterday. Have another one to make for another friend whose birthday was also yesterday. So I may as well pump a few more of those out. Found some more little people I can use!
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yesterday I was gathering the different quilt tops I have done and decided against a couple of them to take for the show. They just weren't really in the same theme of the rest, they were actually pieced items.
Today I decided to finish up one that I started last year. It was originally a tablecloth that I found unusual because it has half naked dancing women stamped on it. So I added a border from a dress and added elephants from a different dress. I put a big circle(cut from a man's silk shirt) in the square that I outlined with fabric from a piece of tapestry. It will have to do for now, I only have the appliqued fused and/or glued on, I don't have time to sew them in place before Sat. Let's just hope they stay. When I was making this I really wasn't sure how much I liked it, that is why I put it away and never finished it. But, I like it ok now that it is completed. I believe it will look pretty cool after it is quilted.

By the way, I did end up fixing the breakfast quilt top yesterday. It is now straighter on that one side:)
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Jan. 23, con't

Well I think I need to get some dinner. Made soup while I was busy sewing. I got everything I wanted to get done today except for the labels and bio. I decided after putting the 2 little flower petals on my flower arrangement quilt top that I didn't like them there so I took them off and decided to leave it as is. So here is another photo of my last quilt top I have finished for the day.
Tomorrow I go back to work. There is one quilt top I am thinking of taking one side apart so I can fix it, it is not even. Needs cut better. Then resewn, shouldn't be a big job. Hopefully!!
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I got the 6 postcards and the Barbie quilt top completed so far today. So I thought I'd share the photos of them. Still have another one I am hoping to finish up before I quit for the day.
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Getting Ready for Show
Yesterday I created 5 more postcards. I also cut the foamcore for displaying the postcards. I need to make one more Valentine postcard today to make it come out even with the displaying. So I will get that done today and then finish them all with quilting and edging. I also need to put the border on Barbie. Have to decide if I will display some of my Christmas postcards too. I guess I may as well as it will take up more space and I have a feeling I will need to do that. Also today I need to attach black fabric to the foamcore.
Yesterday I also worked on a bio rough draft and also titles and descriptions of each piece. Will need to finish those up today also. I will need to get alot done today as this is my last day off of work before the show.

One thing I played with for the first time yesterday is Angelina fibers. I had bought a few colors awhile back, at least a year or more. Never got around to trying it, I can't even find all the colors I bought. I had fun playing with it yesterday and some of the postcards I made have angelina on them. I will post pictures later today when I get everything done.:)
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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Yesterday morning I decided on which fabric to use as a border for my Barbie quilt. I changed my mind after going through more possibilities. Haven't cut it or sewn it onto the top yet but I am pretty confident of the fabric I have chosen. Then I met Chris, the owner of Donkey Coffee where I will be hanging my quilts this coming Sat. It seems like it will be pretty simple to hang them with clips hanging from the picture rail. I think I will use either foamboard or peltex to stablize some of the quilt tops. I will be working that out this week.
Of course my truck started acting up on the way into town, so that has me stressed out more than the show at the moment. I take it to the shop tomorrow, hopefully it won't break the bank!!

This morning I am playing with some circles I have had cut out for awhile. They are from some really cool fabrics I got from various men's silk shirts. This is the second time I have had these circles out and tried to figure out something with them. It is just not coming together. My latest thought is to have a series of full moons or maybe all of the individual ones sashed together for one quilt top. I have some great night sky fabrics to use for different backgrounds. The circles all together in one quilt aren't working for me, which was my original thought when I cut them out. I have alittle more time to play this morning before work, then this evening I can come back and play. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
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Friday, January 19, 2007
New Quilt Top-Barbie

Well I went ahead and fused and glued Barbie and the vines onto the background fabric. For the picture I just laid the hairbrushes where they will most likely go when I am finished. I have pretty much decided on the border, but will play with other fabrics I have to see if any others are possibilities before sewing. I am glad to have finally put this together. What do you think? Name possibilities?
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Well, yesterday I got started on this wallhanging I have had on my mind for awhile. Even had it on my design board last summer. It is a Barbie I had cut out of a sweatshirt and she is entangled with vines that I cut from a dress. Off the vines she has purses hanging. These are actually doll purses, maybe even Barbie purses I have gotten from yard sales. I only have 4 of them though and since I have tons of Barbie hairbrushes I might hang the brushes. All I really got done yesterday was cut the background fabric. It is a dark blue with even darker hearts all over it, not something you can distinquish unless you get close. I have 2 different fabrics picked out for the border, haven't decided for sure which one I will use. That was my problem last summer, I couldn't decide on a border fabric. I hope it still won't be my problem after getting it together. But hey, I just might have to go fabric shoppping if I don't have something in my own stash. If I get the Barbie and vines attached today I will share a picture.:)
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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Jan 18,2007
OMG!! Yesterday I get this phone call from a coffee shop in town here. They ask if I have enough wall hangings to fill a big back room. So after chatting about what I do have we have decided I will be hanging my art on the 27th. YIPES!!!!! So now I am in panic mode and have some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for new quilts that I hope to get done now in the next week. I will be putting up several quilt tops since it takes awhile to actually hand quilt one. So there will be about 5 finished quilts and 10+ quilt tops. Plus I am going to see if I can figure out how to display my postcards!! Wish me luck.:)
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Finally was able to get 5 of the Valentine cards done. I took my sewing machine in to be serviced yesterday and they fixed it before I left town. It was something simple and they didn't even charge me:)
So last night when I got home I started finishing up the postcards I had ready to do. I got up early today and finished all of them. I hope to put them on etsy when I get back today from my 2 cleaning jobs. What do you think of these new ones?
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
ARG!!! My sewing machine is not working. I had every intention of getting all my cards done this morning and now the machine isn't sewing. I even cleaned it hoping that would make it happy, but no. Luckily I am heading over to Marietta today for a training class and since that is where I bought my machine I will be able to take it there to have the guy work on it. Who knows how long it will be before I can get it back. So it will be hand quilting my wall hanging from now til then. I might even get my earrings made. Oh, and I can work on my fabric beads. Not to worry I will be doing something. Maybe this is a good thing.:)
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Monday, January 15, 2007
Sorry, still no photos of completed work today. I started out today with good intentions of completing my postcards and bookmarks. But my back started hurting while I was sewing away on them. So, I actually created a set of 4 coasters. Which just added to my sewing and quilting stack.
Anyway since it was my one day off I went to the dump to take a truckload of junk. Not recycleable stuff, just garbage. Boy, did that feel good and then when I got home I worked on cleaning my house some more. So even though my art took a back seat today I feel better about my house and yard. And my back hurts again, so I am going to get my flannels on and read for the rest of the night.
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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Well, before work this morning I got a couple more Valentine postcards and a bookmark started. After work I did another bookmark and cut out little glasses for coasters I am going to work on this coming week. I am getting tired of the Valentines already. I can only work on one kind of item for so long and then I get bored with it. So, my next project will be coasters. I will finish up the sewing part of the Valentines and the bookmarks tomorrow and start on the coasters. I actually have the day off tomorrow. Unfortunately, I will have to do some house cleaning cause my house is driving me crazy!! But I should be able to give my art some undivided attention until I want to stop, not have to stop:)
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Friday, January 12, 2007
Jan12,2007 day12

Well, yesterday all I got done is to get appliques ready to fuse onto my postcards. Mostly hearts since I am focusing right now on Valentines cards. So I cut out lots of hearts from different pieces of fabric, mostly the clothing I got to cut up at the thrift store on Tues.

Today I don't have much time again, however, I did get 3 cards started. As you can see by the picture they are only in stage one of being done, no edging and/or embellishments yet. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to finish them.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Jan.8-9th, 2007
No new pictures for yesterdays' work. Monday I met with my friend Marcie at the coffee shop and we did our projects. I am almost done with my quilt top, have decided to add alittle something to balance it better, so next week I will have a picture of it.
Yesterday all I did was put fusing on several pieces and cut them out, so they are ready to fuse onto my next little cards. I would have done more but ran out of fusable web:(
Then yesterday afternoon I headed for Columbus to one of my favorite thrift stores and found lots of great clothes to cut up for appliques. I can't wait to get started on them, but still out of fusable web. Didn't want to take the time to stop by the fabric store and miss the thrift.
I also was able to buy 6 new sweaters for myself, and since they are totally a different style for me I am recreating my fashion statement this winter:) That is a different form of art, right?
So I am at a standstill as far as my postcards are concerned until I get more fusable web, unless I can find some around here. Maybe I need to reclean my studio, I am not one to put everything away neatly, so there might be some webbing under fabric. If I don't find any there is always my quilting to do on my bigger project. I should get to that since it is what I had planned on doing since the beginning.
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Monday, January 8, 2007
Monday Jan.8.2007

Well, I didn't get any art done yesterday. I worked 13 hours on Sat. and then had to go back in yesterday morning. I was just too tired to create anything.
This morning I got up early and decided to finish up the little Valentines postcards I had been working on. I quilted on some, edged all, and even did some embellishments on a couple. Later this morning I will be meeting my friend Marcie at the coffee shop to work on our own individual art projects and will ask for her opinion to see if I need to do any more quilting on a couple. I want to get these on etsy today or tomorrow. This afternoon I have to do another job, so I will see how much energy I have after that.
I take group pictures, the individual pictures will be on etsy. Also the descriptions of what I recycled in each, this group has hair nets used on some of them and heart sequins.
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Saturday, January 6, 2007
Well, no new photos of accomplishments today, at least not this morning. I did work on finsihing up the postcards I have done so far, but not really enough time this morning. I have to get my exercises in today before work. Perhaps I will get back to it all this evening, but I doubt it. Usually after work I just relax with a book.
Perhaps tomorrow they will be ready to post on
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Friday, January 5, 2007
day 5 Jan.5.2007

Unfortunately, I have to quit already today:( Never seems to be enough time to really get into this until it is time to stop and get ready for work. I got 2 more Valentines created and a bookmark. Tomorrow I will have to do the sewing on the ones from yesterday and today and hopefully get them on etsy. We will have to see how much I get done.
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Thursday, January 4, 2007
Day 4 Jan.4, 2007

I have to quit for the day now. Might get back after work, but I doubt it. I am more creative before going off to a day of being on my feet.

Anyway I did get 3 more cards partially finished. I still have the sewing part to do to them and I might add a few embellishments while at it. But here is my work for the day.
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Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Day 3 Jan.3,2007

It is early and I have already been at my art for a couple of hours. I decided to try my hand at quilting my cards. I am not comfortable with my sewing machine so figured it was time that we became friends. And since these are small 4x6 it should be something I can succeed at, right?

Here is a photo of what I finished this morning. I will be putting them on etsy in a few minutes.
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Day 2 Jan.2,2007
Yesterday (day 2) I sewed early, made another Valentine postcard, and edged all 4 of them. I also got a small quilt top ready to go into the hoop. Then it was time to meet my friend Marci in town to do our hopefully weekly get together to work on our art projects. I had this one quilt top that had been bothering me. I thought it was done but had it on my design board for the last couple months since I wasn't completely happy with it. So I took that into town with me to get Marci's opinion. She agreed with me it needed alittle more in one corner to balance it better. So that is what I did during our work time together. I worked on appliquing some more of the stems for a flower. When I finish the applique I will share a photo of it.
After leaving Marci I headed to the bead store to purchase some beads for a few pairs of earrings. I like to make my own since I have a hard time finding ones that are long enough, I go for the 5+" long dangles with usually 3 dangle strands of beads off a central bead grouping. Then I headed out of town to go to the fabric store to buy some hoops. Bought a couple of them since I readied the small quilt earlier in the morn and want to get that in the hoop too. I also found some great Valentine fabric to cut up for my Valentine postcards.
That was all for Day 2!
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Monday, January 1, 2007
Day One continues
Well, I am probably done doing art for today, Have a potluck to go to.
I quilted for about an hour and was able to move my hoop. Unfortunately the hoop broke when I was setting up the next section I was going to work on. Found a bigger hoop so I could continue with my quilt. Worked with the bigger hoop for awhile but really didn't like that for this quilt. So I decided to get working on some Valentine postcards and got 3 of them done except for the sewing along the edges. That will have to wait until tomorrow hopefully. However, since I want to get several more ready I might be just doing the creating process tomorrow and the sewing later. Sewing is a challenge for me because I really don't feel very competant along those lines. Which I hope to improve my skills and conquer my fear of the sewing machine.
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Day One
Ok, this is it. January 1st is here and I am ready for this journey through my creative spirit. Who knows where this journey will take me, my trials and tribulations. I know I will try my hand at several techiques that I have had thoughts of learning. Plus I am sure there are several ideas that will come to me in the next 12 months. So join me in the adventure!!
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