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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I was trying to get all 5 bookmarks that I created yesterday or was that the day before?? done this morning. When I got to the second one my machine started acting up. So I tore out the stitches and cleaned the machine which seemed to do the trick for several stitches, then again it wasn't sewing great. So I got out my handbook and checked the troubleshooting page. Needle, ok I can change that. That seemed to help for alittle while, but still not good. So back to reading what the problem could be. By this time I had already ripped stitches out twice and finished the edging of the monster bookmark I was working on. I was into the quilting part of my work, and was reading that perhaps the bobbin thread was inferior, yea that could very well be. So changed the bobbin and continued to quilt the bookmark. It seems to be better, but haven't tried the zigzag stitch yet. Going to leave that for another time.
So instead of giving my son Zeb a choice of what bookmark he would like, he is now going to get the monster one. It is cool so he may have actually picked that one out for himself anyway. It isn't the greatest sewing job, but didn't feel like ripping stitches out anymore this morning! The guitar one I will be listing on etsy in a few minutes. Maybe I will get the other 3 done this afternoon after work. It all depends on my sewing machine now, boy I sure hope I don't have to take it into the shop.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
CHALLENGE # 73 Zeb's Present

I made a quilt last week for challenge #73 on the forums in the etc. category. The theme for last week was to make something for a man.
First thing I did was look through my stash of fabrics I had cut from clothing to see if anything would speak manly to me. As you see the masks caught my attention. Next was to audition for the background fabric, I didn't like anything until I came upon this nice yellow with while leaves stamped on it. I then went throught the same process for the border, it was a totally different story since I had to make a decision between 6 possibilities. Here is the rusult! I machine quilted this one too. I still need to hone my machine quilting skills, but with more practice I get more sure of what I am doing.
Even though I listed this quilt on etsy, I have decided a few minutes ago to give it to my son Zeb!. He really likes my quilts and I really haven't made him one before. I had only given him a poscard and a bookmark so far and he was telling me the other day he misplaced his bookmark and needs another one. I am making 5 for him to choose from.:)
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

That is the titled to this art quilt I finally finished. I created it back in 2006 I think? It sat around for quite awhile and then I did a show of unfinished quilts, mainly a quilt top show. After that show I decide to get some of my quilts quilted as soon as I could, so I sent 2 of them off to a quilter, Susan Holmes. She had them for a couple of months and then it was about 2 months before I got aound to put the binding on them. The first of these 2 is the flower arrangement I finished last week, this one I finished today. So 2 down several to go. I am going to list one on etsy today.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I have been working on this quilt since 2004, not constantly mind you. I created it in 2004 while living in Florida with my father at the beginning stages of his alzeimer's. I added to it with the borders in 2006, this year I added a few more stems and flowers. In Februrary it was part of a show of unfinished quilts I had hanging at the local coffee shop. A friend said she wanted it, so I had Susan Holmes quilt it for me on her long arm machine. Last weekend while at the festival I finally put the binding on it and today I attached the sleeve for the hanging of it. I haven't cut the dowel to size yet, but I did slip a smaller one into the sleeve so I could at least take a photo or two. I used recyceld fabrics with commercial fabrics for the background and borders. The vase comes from a man's silk shirt, the flowers arrangement is wool cut from a tapestry, and the flowers are cut from one of the ugliest vintage dresses I have ever seen. The photo isn't the greatest since it really isn't hanging how it should be at it's final place. I will call Beth today and see if she is still interested in this quilt, she hasn't heard the price yet :)
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Woohoo I finally got challenge 70 listed on etsy, it is my October piece. Here is the link

Now I also finished Challenge #71. Which was to make something to describe your shop and what you do. It is 13.5'x19.5", I must like the half inch since almost all my pieces end up that way. This piece I machine quilted, so it was definitely a challenge for me. I am not the most confident when it comes to the machine. I machine quilted October which is the first I have done since I didn't like my quilting job on a bigger piece. I had decided to start small and get more comfortable with the machine, thus all the postcards I have been doing.

I am also almost done with a couple more bigger quilts, I had someone else machine quilt them for me. Hopefully I will be done with them this coming week. One I should have done in probably a few more minutes since all I have left to do is sew a sleeve on the back for hanging. The other I have the binding yet to do besides the sleeve.
I will go do that sleeve now and take pictures.
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Saturday, October 13, 2007
I set up at a local small farm community festival today in the old school building. It was a beautiful fall day, the kind to get the last minute details in the yard and house to get ready for winter since we finally have a little cold snap after 80 degree weather for most of the month. Anyway,from what I heard attendance was down from last year. Not expecting a whole lot anyway I feel I did great! I sold 8 quilted fabric postcards, 6 Aceo's and 2 bookmarks. Plus I took a wall hanging with me to finish the binding, something I hadn't been getting around to doing. Got it done, now I just have to get the sleeve and label on it. Then call the lady who is interested in buying it to let her know it is done. I call that a successful day!!

I"ll take a photo of the wall hanging as soon as I get it done.
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Sunday, October 7, 2007
OCTOBER Challenge #70

This weeks' challenge was the word OCTOBER. Wow! that one word has some powerful energy. It is my favorite month even though it is not my birth month. I didn't have the time to create more than one item, and wasn't sure if I had enough time for even that. I went out of town to my niece's wedding yesterday. Oh, what fun I had with my family!! Anyway, I even took this piece with me to finish the binding!

I love October because of autumm weather, the colors, celebrating the harvest, Halloween of course, preparing for winter, and the overall feeling of a higher energy field. One thing I love to do in October is to take walks through the woods and listen to the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. I love raking up the leaves to make piles so I can jump in them. Trouble is trying to find a man to jump in them with me:) They all say they will, but it just doesn't seem to happen. Oh well, I will jump in them myself, I know the dog will join me! What joy one can have while working in the yard cleaning and preparing for the long winter months.

So this week I made a small art quilt 11.5x15.5", with actual batting, no timtex. I machine quilted it too. So, this is my first totaly machine quilted piece( that I quilted). I kept it small to see if I could do it, I am very pleased with the results. There are a couple of things I need to do with it before listing it on etsy, but hopefully will have those done in the next day or two. Anyway enjoy October and remember to enjoy it for what it is!
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I started making these 5 postcards almost a week ago, but I have been working too much to get them all completed. Finally finished the last one this morning. It seems I have been able to only get one quilted before having to get ready for work. I'm not an after work person, usually all I want to do is relax with a book until I fall asleep. Granted I would get alot more done in a day if I did somethng after work, but after being on my feet all day long all I want is to do basically nothing. Did I mention I am a morning person! LOL Anyway I hope you enjoy my latest work.
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