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Saturday, April 7, 2007
Getting it Done
Yesterday I did get the 3 new cards on etsy. Today so far I finished with the quilting of 3 more items. Perhaps I will get them on too and be on a roll with this. Although I have to admit I have nothing in mind to create today as of yet and I am actually thinking of doing some crazy quilting pieces. Perhaps a crazy quilt bookmark?? I guess it will all depend on what I get into for a few hours, have to work again tonight. I really like working at nights now because I get things done and have time to work on my art. I am not a night worker at home.
Anyway here are the 3 new cards. I tried something new, by putting the name on the picture, well actually Harmony told me how to do it long time ago but I haven't for quite sometime so I had to basically remember how. Also I am adding a photo of the back of the items so you can better see the stitching. Not always such a good idea, but I am improving. Need to go and have someone show me more on my machine as I am starting to finally get comfortable with what little I do know now.
Hope you like these cards, I had fun creating them.

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Friday, April 6, 2007
more postcards

Yesterday and today I created a few more postcards and Aceo's. So far today I have finished the quilting on 3 of my cards. Don't know if I will finish the others today before heading into town for work or not, so I thought I'd at least get the ones I have finished onto my blog and maybe even list them on The top card is called FASHION SHOOT, the next is WHERE ARE MY SHOES AND PURSE? and the Aceo is titled MOM
I am IMing my daughter at the same time so who knows how much I will actually get done. Anyway enjoy these new cards, as always I had fun creating them. I had recently found the fabric for them at the thrift on my last trip to the thrift store. I also bought some outfits for myself on that trip and since they don't have sdressing rooms I always try items on in the aisles. Thsi time someone complained, can you imagine that!? It wasn't like I was stripping down to nothing!! And I was trying to be fast about it. LOL!!!
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Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Yard Art
Yesterday was one of those days where I could do whatever I liked. Got my boxers and tank top on, no bra!!, and went outside to play. I definitely have ADD and very proud of it so I flitted here and there with my creative juices flowing. I got around to cleaning the porch and found my monofiliment wire so I could continue to hang crystals,ornaments, and prisms from the trees and bushes. Over the last week or so I had been semi-cleaning up different areas and had found about 20 things to hang from the trees. I will have to take pictures later of the outside areas.
Then I came inside for awhile and worked on organizing and cutting up some of my fabric that I had picked up recently.
Back outside again to clean up more of my green bottles that I am edging the flower beds with, almost done with one more bed. Need many more green bottles though to really make a big statement. Also impaled a blue bowling ball on a stand to make it look like a gazing ball, it is a blue sparkly ball.
Today I don't get to play much, at least not here. I will be shoe shopping with a friend for some wild shoes to go with the wild pants I got at the thrift last week. Oh what fun we will have!!
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