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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Challenge #69 Picture Quilt

This weeks challenge was to create something using one of two pictures, or both if if you choose. I did the picture that had an Italian canal street scene. I decided to do an abstract quilt, which I have never done before. So this really was a challenge for me. Also I felt that my regular postcard size would be too difficult to show all the houses etc. properly. At least I wasn't up to that too. However, I still used timtex so it would be easier to machine quilt it, or at least I felt it would be. I had fun pulling all my fabrics out and trying to at least come close to the colors in the photo. Here is the original photo that I was working from
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This week's challenge on etsy is flight. I couldn't wait to get home from work on Monday to see what the challenge would be and if I had anything to work with to take part in it. I was very happy to find out I had plenty to play with for this one. If I had more time I really would have liked to play with some feathers, but I am working everyday this week, plus heading to Illinois on Friday to visit my daughter Harmony and to a brick swap on Saturday.

I did work with paper cut outs for the Halloween cards this time, first time to have used paper for a postcard. Wasn't sure how it would be but I really like how they turned out. I also made an overlay of Angelina fibers for them too. I will be listing them on etsy as soon as I have time, probably tomorrow morning. Today is production day at the restaurant, which means 12 hours of chopping veggies.
Hope you like my new cards!
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Saturday, September 15, 2007
etsy challenge #67

This weeks challenge were colors from a bead color chart for fall. The colors I chose were steel, seafoam green, coca, and firecracker red. Not sure if the colors I had were a definite match, but I am working with fabric and not beads. Anyway, I had timtex cut for several ACEO's to make up so I decided to make them up with whatever I could find in my fabric stash that would work. I also made one postcard for this challenge.
I put them on etsy on Thurs. afternoon and sold the one with masks on Friday!! That is the quickest sell I have had so far.
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Last week while browsing through the etsy forums I came across a challenge I felt I was able to do. I had in the past looked at a few of the other challenges but their titles weren't something I felt I had things to work with. This one was DANCE. Hey, I have several different fabrics with dancing figures. I even already had 2 ACEO's in my etsy shop with dancers, but couldn't use those. You have to create a new one for the challenge. So I made up 3 quilted postcards with dancing figures on them. The one with the brown background for some reason scanned darker than it actually is, the background is more of a rust color. Anyway I had fun making them and I now have them added to my etsy shop.
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Sunday, September 2, 2007
Working on Bigger items
I haven't been slacking too much. I have been working on a couple of bigger art quilts. Sorry, no photos just yet. I have one that I have had in the hoop for too long, that I am trying to get completed before too long. I am just about done with a quilt top that is a commission, still have to quilt it though. Also working on another commission and have to start one. I think after this I won't do any more commissions. I don't have time to create anything new if I keep trying to reproduce a quilt because someone wants one that has already been given as a gift to a family member. I have the 2 quilts I had machine quilted for me to do the bindings and hanging sleeves for. One is supposedly spoken for, the other will be added to the ones completed and for sale.

Plus I had to qwork on the bra project. Today I go in and help put them all together for the show. I will take photos of them after I have them on a form, they are not shaped just yet. Kind of like free form, the body forms the shape. Both new ones are from recycled fabrics that I used to create one cup of a bra. Since our show is titled NO TWO ARE ALIKE. I promise I will write more about them when I get the photos together.
I am glad September is upon us, hopefully it won't be so hot.
Enjoy the cooler weather!
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